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Total Reflexology is a gentle touch method of applying specific thumb, finger and hand techniques to reflex points on the head, ears, hands and feet  that correspond to areas in other parts of the body.  It helps the body to release stress, promotes better circulation, helps your organs and glands work in unison which will provide homeostasis or a state of equilibrium produced by a balance of functions and balance of chemical compositions within an organism, plus the treatment helps release the build up of toxins that COLLECT in the body over time. I believe you will feel healthier, happier and more energetic when your body is in proper balance.  
When the reflex points are pressed it is like a reset button sending a mild current to parts of the body.  The reflexologist assists in breaking up crystaline deposits that build up and clog the natural flow where ever they get deposited. These crystaline deposits are made up of Uric Acid and if left for long periods of time they can irritate, cause inflammation, then pain, and eventually diseases.  Doctors and Scientists both agree that inflammation is the root cause of diseases.

Reflexology is a natural, relaxing way to assist the body in healing and preventing illnesses.  It is never too late to try this natural healing process even if you are battling a particular problem or two, three, four...etc.   You will feel great as your body begins to relax, restore balance, decrease stress, alleviate pain and release toxins even after you leave my office.  The effects of a session can last for 2, 3, 4 or more days depending on the person and the amount of water they consume.

You would be a good candidate for a treatment if you have problems with one or more of the following:
PAIN of any kind, such as Arthritis, Neck Issues in the Cervical Spine, Back Pain in the Thoracic or Lumbar Spine, Skin Problems, ie. acne, eczema, hives, psoriasis or other Non Contagious issues,
Frequent Headaches, Anxiety or Depression, Bad Breath, Bloating, Gas, Excessive Belching, Fatigue and Lethargy, Extreme Stress, Environmental or
Food Allergies, Sugar Cravings, Yeast Infections, Candida Overgrowth, Breathing Difficulties like Asthma or Sinusitis, Weak or Brittle Hair and Nails, Weight Problems, Constipation/Diarrhea, IBS, Cancer, Diabetes, Mood Swings, Bladder Infections, Fluid Retention, Hypo- or Hyper-Thyroidism, PMS or bad menstrual cramps, Memory Loss, Sciatica, Learning Disabilities, Loss of Sex Drive, Infertility, Impotence, Jock Itch, Frequent Colds or Infections, Poor Circulation, Hot Flashes, Muscle and Joint Pain, Insomnia or other Sleep Disorders,  ..........etc.